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A data set containing the survival outcome, passenger class, age, sex, and the number of family members for a large number of passengers aboard the ill-fated Titanic.




A data frame with 1309 observations on the following 6 variables:

  • survived - binary with levels "yes" for survived and "no" otherwise;

  • pclass - integer giving the corresponding passenger (i.e., ticket) class with values 1--3;

  • age - the age in years of the corresponding passenger (with 263 missing values);

  • age - factor giving the sex of each passenger with levels "male" and "female";

  • sibsp - integer giving the number of siblings/spouses aboard for each passenger (ranges from 0--8);

  • parch - integer giving the number of parents/children aboard for each passenger (ranges from 0--9).


As mentioned in the column description, age contains 263 NAs (or missing values). For a complete version (or versions) of the data set, see titanic_mice.