Hands-On Machine Learning with R

By Brad Boehmke & Brandon Greenwell

Welcome to the supplementary website for Hands-On Machine Learning with R. This project aims to teach you the fundamentals of Machine Learning with the R machine learning tech stack and this website is designed to provide you with additional content and resources that we could not include in the hard copy book such as:

  • An environment to run code from the book
  • Chapter exercises
  • Direct access to the data sets
  • Slides from relevant workshops
  • Errata

With the exception of the book, all this content is CC BY 4.0 licensed.

Quick Start

Want to reproduce the code in the book without having to install anything? Go to our RStudio Cloud project and you will find R notebooks containing the code for each chapter’s code chunks, figures, and tables. Learn more about RStudio Cloud here.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, either by providing useful feedback, filing issues or submitting Pull Requests. If you identify any areas for improvement, whether in the book or with these resources, please don’t hesitate to file an issue.